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Dan Jensen graduated from Bethany College with a BA in Social Science and a minor in Biblical/Theological Studies. He later earned his first Master’s degree from Reformed Theological Seminary and a ThM in Systematic Theology from the University of Aberdeen. Until very recently Dan was heavily involved in ministry work and for a period during this time was an ordained minister with the Evangelical Church Alliance. Dan labored in ministry work for around sixteen years before deciding to focus on his calling as a theologian. He currently resides in St. George, UT with his four children.

As far as Dan’s beliefs, he is a longtime member of the Presbyterian Church of America. He holds to the revised version of the Westminster Confession of Faith as adopted by this denomination. Regarding issues not fully addressed in the WCF, Dan is a staunch inerrantist, a young earth creationist, a classical apologist, he holds to the positive imputation of Christ’s righteousness, he is amillennial in his eschatology, and he holds to a Jeffersonian view of civil government. For any other doctrines, you can ask Dan his opinion by leaving him a Bible question. All are welcome on Dan’s website, but fellow conservative evangelicals will feel more comfortable than your average Joe, traditional Reformed Christians will feel very comfortable, and confessional Presbyterians will feel most comfortable.

If you would like Dan to address progressive Christianity at your church, school, ministry, retreat, or organization, completely free of charge within the continental U.S., please contact him at for scheduling. He is very open to coming to places outside the continental U.S., but unfortunately, he could not do so free of charge.